Electric Vehicles

Transition To Electric Vehicles Have Both Health And Financial Benefits

The American Lung Association asserts in a new analysis that switching from gasoline and diesel-powered automobiles and trucks to battery-electric vehicles would result in major health and financial advantages for the country.

It says that if all personal passenger vehicles are electric by 2035 and all heavy duty trucks are electric by 2040, the United States will save more than $1.2 trillion in health care costs and $1.7 trillion in climate costs by 2050.

As a result of the changeover, up to:

Electric Vehicles
  • 110,000 lives could be saved.
  • 2.79 million asthma episodes would be prevented.
  • 13.4 million missed workdays would saved.

According to the American Lung Association report, better air might save up to 13.4 million missed workdays. That’s the kind of figure that should make even the most jaded capitalist sit up and take attention.

Zero-emission transportation is a win-win situation for the public’s health. Too many towns in the United States face high levels of harmful pollution from adjacent roads and transportation corridors, ports, and warehouses, among other things.

Air pollution, much of which is caused by the combustion of gasoline and diesel fuel, is costing you money!

To achieve these significant advantages to our health and the environment, we will need determined and consistent leadership, as well as investment at all levels of government, public education, and involvement to assure the transition to a zero-emission future.

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