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Using Pure Hydrogen As Fuel In A Natural Gas Turbine

Researchers at Norway’s University of Stavanger have reported the development of a system for using pure hydrogen as fuel

Electric Vehicles

Transition To Electric Vehicles Have Both Health And Financial Benefits

The American Lung Association asserts in a new analysis that switching from gasoline and diesel-powered automobiles and trucks to


Solectrac Aims To Put Diesel Tractors Out Of Business With Electric

America’s most common crop, corn, is grown on 82.5 million acres. That’s a whole lot of land, and there

climate crisis

Climate Crisis Is Not A Distant Future It Is Happening Now…

The IPCC’s latest report is real and the conclusion is therefore unmistakable: the climate crisis is not a distant future

United Airlines

United Airlines To Bring Electric Airplanes To Masses By 2026

When emissions from the aviation industry is frying the planet to a crisp, United Airlines has just inked an

wind energy

Wind Energy Is Must For A Zero Emission Future

Wind Energy is essential for our zero emissions future because it is a clean fuel energy source, is cost-effective,

Volta Trucks

Volta Trucks Are Accelerating Towards Zero Emission Trucking

Volta Trucks another newbie has joined the ‘Zero Emission’ electric truck race and will be launching four full-electric commercial


Zero-emission Heavy Duty Vehicles Can Save Life & Money

Air pollution standards that ensure all new heavy-duty vehicles for urban community use are zero-emitting by 2035, and all

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