World’s First Pigs Cloned Entirely By Robot!

In China, a completely automated pig cloning method is now available, and it appears to function well. In fact, the AI-powered method is said to have dramatically decreased the amount of mistake found during manual cloning operations, dealing a slight setback to human scientists.

This technology, developed by experts at the University of Nankai’s College of Artificial Intelligence, permitted the birth of seven piglets through surrogate sow with no human intervention, and might lead to commercialized cloning being the norm.

The AI-powered technology can calculate cell strain and tell the robot to use the least amount of force to finish the cloning process, reducing cell damage caused by human hands.


Making food more available to a larger number of people would undoubtedly be a significant benefit. However, because commercial cloning is still in its early stages, the entire scope of its influence is unknown.

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