New “Gen6” BMW Battery Promises A Range Of 1000 Kilometers

BMW revealed new 46 mm “round” format, sixth-generation, CATL-supplied EV batteries last week, saying they will provide more range than their present EVs, but we didn’t know how much more. We now have more over 1000 kilometres (about 620 miles).


The Gen6 batteries will provide 30% or more range than the present Gen5, but BMW will not go above 1000km [620 miles] of range, even though they can, because the business believes that such a high range is unnecessary. The new Gen6 EV battery offers substantially quicker charging than the already rather efficient Gen5s, in addition to enhanced, Lucid-challenging range. DC Fast Charging times might be reduced by up to 30%.

Furthermore, future BMW EVs with the new pack will enable up to 270 kW rapid charging. The firm will be far more versatile with how they incorporate the cell in this new generation of battery.

While the United States will most likely need an electric vehicle’s battery to retain up to 80% of its performance after ten years of operation, BMW’s CATL-sourced Gen6 battery is already predicted to perform better.

The new batteries will also be made using clean, renewable energy and materials acquired responsibly. CATL will produce high-performance battery cells largely using renewable energy and secondary materials. Cobalt and lithium will be acquired from approved mines for the next generation of battery cells.

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