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30% of the cars his company sells could be powered by hydrogen in the future.

30% Of BMW Cars Might Be Powered By Hydrogen

The fundamental reason that gasoline is the favored fuel for most passenger vehicles is its energy density, which means

German e-Car Makers Are Struggling To Develop Reliable Software !

German e-Car Makers Are Struggling To Develop Reliable Software!

Tesla has demonstrated to the world that a battery-electric cars can be a viable alternative to a combustion engine


New Report – Carmakers’ Worldwide Under Report Carbon Emissions By 50%

According to a recent Transport & Environment (T&E) analysis, carmakers’ global carbon (CO2) emissions are on average 50% greater


New “Gen6” BMW Battery Promises A Range Of 1000 Kilometers

BMW revealed new 46 mm “round” format, sixth-generation, CATL-supplied EV batteries last week, saying they will provide more range


BMW Will Use Parts Made From Recycled Fishing Nets

In a first for the automotive industry, BMW’s NEUE KLASSE of electric cars, due to arrive in 2025, will

Deep Sea Mining Is Not Good For Planet...

Deep Sea Mining Is Not Good For Planet…

Deep sea mining businesses are banking on the EV market to kickstart this destructive sector, which may start operations


Is That New Swanky Car Really Ours?

Elon Musk and Tesla have been pioneers in introducing over-the-air upgrades to cars. Connectivity has a number of advantages.


Basic Functions Of BMW Are Only Available By Subscription

German automaker BMW wants you to spend $18 a month to keep your heated seat subscription, another anti-consumer choice

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