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Solid Power

Solid Power Begins Work On Prototype Solid-State Batteries For BMW & Ford

Solid Power, a Colorado-based startup, first time announced a collaboration with BMW, in 2017, to produce batteries without a


CATL Will Begin Selling Cylindrical Cells To BMW By 2025

CATL, a Chinese battery company, said that it will begin selling cylindrical cells to BMW in 2025 to power

Neue Klasse

“Neue Klasse” Is The Name For BMW’s Specialized EV Platform

BMW’s Neue Klasse [German for “new class”), a specialized EV chassis, will arrive in 2025 and will serve as


AirCar- Another Science Fiction Gadget Becomes A Reality

The AirCar took its name literally đŸ˜‰ it is an unusual transforming hybrid vehicle that can drive around like


BMW Creates Closed-loop Material Cycle For Tungsten

Some companies are using blockchain to ensure ethical provenance of rare-Earth minerals, but BMW is taking that a step

Solid Power

Solid Power Gets Another $130 Million For Its Batteries From Ford & BMW

Ford Motor is increasing its investment in EV battery start-up Solid Power with hopes of starting to integrate the

Electric Vehicle

Electric Vehicle Race Can Be Won Only By Securing Supply & Logistics

In the increasingly competitive market for electric vehicles (EV), securing a stable supply of lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries has become


Armageddon -Mercedes & BMW Are Running Out Of Options

Both Mercedes and BMW have been structurally weakened in recent years, with each company having lost roughly 50% of

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