XPeng’s Electric Flying Car Made First Global Public Flight In Dubai

This week, XPeng made news for the first global public flight of XPENG AEROHT’s XPENG X2 flying automobile. Seeing the flying electric car in the skies of Dubai gives one the impression that the future has arrived.

Aside from being a gorgeous electric automobile that can truly fly, the X2 has two driving modes: manual and automated. Passengers may enjoy a safe and intelligent flying experience with easy start, return, and landing operations at the press of a button during the autonomous flight.

The XPENG X2 flying car has two seats. It emits no carbon dioxide during flight and represents a significant step forward in the aim of urban green mobility. It will be suitable for future low-altitude city flights and is perfect for short-distance city journeys such as sightseeing and medical transportation.


The XPENG X2 is a fifth-generation flying automobile designed and built independently by AEROHT. The X2 has an enclosed cockpit for the first time, with a simple teardrop-shaped form and a sci-fi aesthetic that takes high-efficient aerodynamics into mind. The is made entirely of carbon fibre to decrease weight.

Thus far, so good. But, in practice, how practical is the X2? What will it cost? What will the rules of the sky be?

People will be unable to engage in a flying free-for-all over the city, fly unexpectedly above important commercial locations, or crisscross others in the urban environment Delhi style and hope for the best. So, realistically, I’m not sure where the future of flying electric cars lies.

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