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LuftCar Plans To Start Selling Flying Cars In 2023

LuftCar, located in Florida, is apparently preparing to begin rolling out its flying cars as early as 2023. LuftCar’s


AirCar- Another Science Fiction Gadget Becomes A Reality

The AirCar took its name literally 😉 it is an unusual transforming hybrid vehicle that can drive around like


Airspeeder Is Working To Make Electric Flying Racing Cars A Reality

Flying racing cars use to be the stuff of science fiction dreams and futuristic video games but now Airspeeder


Book ASKA Flying Cars For 2026 Delivery

The term ‘flying car’ is sometimes used by laypersons when describing eVTOLs, but it’s usually inaccurate. Most eVTOLs are


Amazing – SkyDrive Is Flying Car With Person Aboard

Japan’s SkyDrive Inc., among the myriads of “flying car” projects around the world, has carried out a successful though


eVTOL SkyDrive, Passes ‘Test Flight Stage’ With Flying Colors

Earlier this month, the Japanese company, SkyDrive, completed the country’s first manned flight of an electric vertical take-off and

PAL-V Liberty

PAL-V Liberty: World’s First Flying Car To Be Built In Gujarat

PAL-V (Personal Air and Land Vehicle) is a Dutch company that is currently developing the first commercial flying car

Skai: First Air Mobility Vehicle Powered By Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Massachusetts startup Alaka’i has designed a flying car that the company touts as the “first air mobility vehicle powered

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