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Sono Motors and Bosch Collaborate On Sion Solar-Powered EV Repair

Sono Motors, located in Munich, and Bosch, a well-known German company, have agreed to collaborate to build a network of vehicle repair shops that covers Europe. All maintenance and repair services will be given within the framework of the Bosch Car Service workshop concept and in accordance with current standards.

Sono Motors

Owners of Sono Motors’ Sion, a solar-powered electric car, will be able to use all services provided by participating Bosch auto repair facilities, including warranty services and repair and maintenance. In other words, as a consequence of the Bosch Car Service network integration, Sion will be able to find a trustworthy repair shop partner in Europe more easily.

The 50 certified Bosch Car Services who will be trained during the launch phase will be distributed throughout Germany to service both big cities and rural regions. The second phase will entail the inclusion of more accredited service centers in order to create a wide service network accessible throughout numerous European countries.

Sono Motors will provide extensive training to the personnel at Bosch Car Service partner workshops in advance, and the Bosch team will thereafter be qualified to repair high-voltage, photovoltaic, and safety systems with the assistance of, if necessary, Sono Motors Technical Field Service.

sono motors

Sono and Bosch’s relationship includes comprehensive repair, servicing, and proactive service services. Sono Motors further urges all Sion owners to perform their own maintenance and repairs whenever feasible

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