Xcelerate To Offer “World’s First” Full-EV Battery Replacement Warranty

Xcelerate is an EV-focused startup founded by Tesla veterans. Since 2012, the firm has provided EV drivers with a variety of financial options ranging from financing to leasing to extended warranties.


As you may know, the battery is the most important (and most costly) component of any EV. Most EVs in the United States come with an 8-year, 125,000-mile battery guarantee (precise coverage may vary), however certain popular EV models have been around long enough that many owners are now out of warranty, and there is a demand for extended warranties that cover the battery and engine.

However, providing such a guarantee involves a significant risk. As a result, while certain VSCs (vehicle service contracts) may provide limited battery coverage, no one provides full replacement.

That’s about to change, as Xcelerate is nearing completion of a new warranty product dubbed XCare Battery + Drive Unit, which is intended to nearly double the manufacturer’s battery and drive unit guarantee. The company offer two totally separate warranties: XCare covers everything but the battery and drivetrain and the new one i.e. XCare Battery + Drive Unit, will cover just the battery and drivetrain.

So, with Xcelerate new XCare Battery + Drive Unit warranty, in conjunction with XCare’s existing warranty products, every EV driver can have true bumper-to-bumper coverage.

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