Mercedes Is Developing Its Own “Super” EV Charging Network

Mercedes-Benz is collaborating with ChargePoint and MN8 Energy to provide EQ customers with their own “super” EV charging network. The proposal calls for the construction of 400 charging stations across the United States and Canada, with the stations located in significant M-B markets and population centers, as well as along major highway corridors and near handy (and, presumably, upmarket) retail and service locations.


The 400 charging hubs will be “supplied” with over 2,500 ChargePoint DC fast charging ports, with “up to” 500kW charging available per port (! ), enabling what the official announcement refers to as “a premium, sustainable, and dependable charging experience for EV drivers.”

MN8 and Mercedes-Benz will fund and run (read: maintain) the ChargePoint-built charging stations in collaboration.

According to the company, the branded charging hubs will be available to all EV drivers, but Mercedes-Benz drivers will receive preferential access, a reservation system, and the convenience of automatic authentication (“Plug & Charge”) for “seamless and secure communications between the vehicle and the charging infrastructure.”

Mercedes (like Audi) is starting to realize that the “secret sauce” to Tesla’s success has been ensuring that the consumer experience with recharging remains under their control. The first of these EV charging stations is expected to go live later this year.

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