The Sion Family Solar Electric Vehicle Project Has Been Cancelled

Sion The Family Solar Electric Car Project Has Been Scrapped

Sono Motors, a German crowdfunded firm that pledged to bring a solar-powered electric car named the Sion to market, said on July 27, 2017 that its first prototype will be presented. It was a low-cost electric vehicle with solar panels built in the hood, roof, and hatchback, but that wasn’t the only innovation promised.


There were two versions proposed. Neither came with a battery. Consumers may buy it or lease it, much like Renault Twingo owners.

Sono Motors received financing for two functioning prototypes the year it was created. The business took the Sion on a European tour of 42 locations in ten nations a year after the prototype was presented to stimulate interest in the vehicle.

Yet, despite all of the promises and popular backing, the reality of putting a new automobile into production has brought the Sono Motors electric solar car dream to a halt.

Co-founder Laurin Hahn announced the program’s demise in a blog post on February 24, 2023.

“Sono Motors will pivot to a completely solar tech firm and we have discontinued the Sion program. We are exceedingly disappointed that we had to cancel the Sion initiative so close to its implementation. Despite over 45,000 reservations and pre-orders for the Sion, we were forced to respond to increasing financial market uncertainty and simplify our operations.”

The contrast between the gleaming promise of new technology and the actual world, where financial success swings by a thread, is startling.

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