Kinetic Green

Kinetic Green May Invest 400 Cr. In Its Electric Division

Kinetic, headquartered in Pune, has made preparations to secure a substantial funding of $100-$150 million for its electric vehicle enterprise. Reliable sources suggest that the company is currently engaged in discussions with prominent private equity firms to achieve this objective.

Kinetic Green

The funds generated will be utilized for the creation of innovative products and the expansion of electric two and three-wheeler capacity. The company has revealed its intention to establish a second EV plant at Supa near Pune, which will be capable of manufacturing up to one million electric two and three-wheelers annually.

Kinetic has unveiled a captivating vision for its future endeavors, which includes the introduction of a novel and electrifying iteration of its beloved and top-selling two-wheeled vehicle, the Luna.

Kinetic Green Energy & Power Solutions, alongside their sister company Kinetic Engineering Ltd, are proud to introduce the eLuna – a masterpiece of engineering and innovation. Every major subassembly, from the main chassis to the swing arm, has been meticulously crafted by Kinetic Engineering Ltd. To ensure the highest quality standards, a dedicated production line has been established with an impressive initial capacity of 5000 sets per month.

In a bold move last year, Kinetic Green unveiled its intent to invest a staggering 400 crore towards its line of electric two-wheelers, three-wheelers, and golf carts in the upcoming four to five years. As a testament to their dedication to innovation, the company has decided to leverage the expertise and resources of their Chinese electric vehicle partner, Aima, to facilitate the creation of exciting new products.

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