Saudi Arabia Reportedly Taking Steps To Safeguard Oil Output...

Saudi Arabia Reportedly Taking Steps To Safeguard Oil Output…

A recent investigation reveals that Saudi Arabia, despite its public commitment to reducing carbon emissions, actually intends to increase fossil fuel exports to developing nations.

Saudi Arabia

According to the Center for Climate Reporting (CCR) and Channel 4 News, Saudi Arabia refers to the program as an “oil sustainability program” in English, but in Arabic, it is called an “oil demand sustainability program” with the goal of sustaining and developing the demand for hydrocarbons as an efficient and competitive source of energy.

To achieve their goals, Saudi Arabia plans to prioritize developing countries, particularly in Africa, and encourage the use of fossil fuel vehicles. They also aim to develop supersonic air travel that relies on oil and collaborate on creating a cost-effective internal combustion engine. These efforts are intended to support carbon-emitting industries and infrastructure in poorer countries globally.

The investigation is significant because if the country succeeds in its plan, it would hinder the progress made in addressing climate change, which has already caused effects such as melting polar ice, destructive forest fires, and extremely high temperatures.

Although, Saudi Arabia is taking steps to reduce its reliance on oil by diversifying its economy, it appears that the country is also trying to secure its position by investing in fossil fuel projects, such as involving the state-owned Aramco company.

Opponents of the proposal argue that developing nations that continue to depend on fossil fuels in the future face potential harm to their environment and the disadvantage of falling behind in advancements in green technologies.

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