Wooden Buildings Can Reduce CO2 Emissions By 106 Billion Tonnes

Cities already house more than half of the world’s population, and this figure is expected to rise dramatically by 2100. This means that more homes will be constructed using steel and concrete, both of which have a significant carbon impact. In 2020, raw material production for conventional buildings accounted forContinue Reading

Air Company

A company called Air Company is manufacturing vodka derived from carbon dioxide emissions, a futuristic new beverage that can both get you drunk and make you feel a little better about the environment 😉 The firm uses CO2 emissions from carbon-producing companies to create different alcohols such as vodka, perfume,Continue Reading

CO2 emissions

Europe’s five biggest airports combined pollute more CO2 than the entire Swedish economy with emissions that are almost entirely untaxed, a new airport tracker shows. Passenger flights departing London Heathrow, Paris Charles de Gaulle, Frankfurt, Amsterdam Schiphol, and Madrid Barajas emit¹ 53 million tons of CO2 which is exempt from fuel tax andContinue Reading

Grid-interactive Efficient Buildings

The White House on May 17 announced a slate of new programs aimed at integrating US buildings into the clean energy economy. Alongside the plans for job training and building electrification, the announcement also highlighted the Biden administration’s goals for grid-interactive efficient buildings — a less well-known approach that has significantContinue Reading

CO2 emissions

“Population confinement due to COVID-19 has led to drastic changes in energy use and CO2 emissions, which in turn, has caused a astonishing 17 percent drop in daily carbon emissions,” according to a study conducted by Corinne Le Quéré, professor at the University of East Anglia. Before the COVID-19 pandemicContinue Reading

CO2 emissions fall

For the first time since 1982, India’s CO2 emissions have fallen. The lockdown from the coronavirus pandemic was the tipping point of something already happening. In an analysis by Carbon Brief, a study found that India’s carbon dioxide emissions had fallen 15% in March and were likely to have fallenContinue Reading

According to a decade-long study by an international team of researchers, human CO2 emissions total 100 times more than the planet-warming effects of all volcanoes combined. The total amount emitted by volcanoes is only about 0.3 gigatons a year — a tiny fraction of the 37 gigatons humankind produced in 2018 alone. In theContinue Reading