Air Company

“Air Company” Is Turning Horrible CO2 Emissions Into Vodka…Cheers!

A company called Air Company is manufacturing vodka derived from carbon dioxide emissions, a futuristic new beverage that can both get you drunk and make you feel a little better about the environment 😉

The firm uses CO2 emissions from carbon-producing companies to create different alcohols such as vodka, perfume, and hand sanitizer. The alcoholic endeavor is one variation on a bigger trend of absorbing carbon and utilizing it to make everything from laundry detergent to rocket propellant.

Air Company first separates hydrogen and oxygen from water using electrolysis, which is then converted into ethanol using a “carbon conversion reactor” that utilizes collected CO2 emissions. The ethanol is then refined into a drinking liquor.

A 750 ml bottle of Air Vodka costs around $65, which is more expensive than your ordinary bottle of booze — but it comes with a killer sales pitch.

Air Company

Climate change is the most important and difficult problem we face, and all answers point to carbon technology. Air Company wants to show the world that technology has boundless possibilities and is actively striving to extract and recycle CO2, the most abundant greenhouse gas in the environment.

The organisation has produced patented technology through innovation and disruptive methods that will serve as a roadmap for carbon tech solutions globally. The Air Company is currently trying to increase manufacturing and provide a wider range of emissions-based goods.

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