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Food Waste

Let’s Upcycle Food Waste To Save Planet…

Did you know that food waste accounts for more than 8% of all human-made greenhouse gas emissions? That amount

Carbon Farming

Carbon Farming- Extracting CO2 from Air and Storing it in Soil

With global carbon emissions hitting an all-time high in 2018, the world is on a trajectory that climate experts


An Agriculture Practice That Can Reverse Climate Change

Generating three centimeters of top soil takes 1,000 years, and if current rates of degradation continue all of the


Tammana Sees A Hope For “Prithvi”…

On the eve of 50th-anniversary celebrations of the Earth Day, NGO Tammana organized an event named “Prithvi”, its first

Geo-engineering Soil- a new Green Hope

Geo-engineering is a hot topic today. (No pun intended.) People are coming up with all sorts of geo-engineering ideas

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