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Solectrac Is Leading The Transition To Zero-emission Agriculture

Solectrac, based in Northern California, produces battery-electric tractors for agricultural and utility applications. These tractors enable farmers to power


AgriVijay- A Unique Platform For Renewable Energy Based Agri-Products

An Agritech start up, ‘AgriVijay’ is empowering farmers and making them future-ready by providing a plethora of¬†renewable energy products


Indian Agriculture Is Embracing Solar Powered Devices

It is really heartening to learn that companies are making solar products for the agriculture sector. If this gets

Agrovision 2019 Showcased New Inventions For Modern Agriculture

Agrovision 2019 exhibition was organized at Nagpur, Maharashtra from 22-25 November 2019. The institutes displayed their products for the

Plant-Based Meat

Plant-Based Meat Alternatives Cut More Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), a worldwide consulting firm, has released a report that demonstrates that investing in plant-based

India Coal

India Demonstrates A Just Transition Away From Coal…

By 2030, India has committed to generating 50% of its power from renewable sources, but for this to happen,

Plant-based Meat

Plant-based Meat Alternatives Are Gaining Traction

Plant-based, vegetarian meat options are becoming more popular, with a variety of options accessible on grocery store shelves and

Escorts Electric Tractors

Escorts Become The First Indian Electric Tractor Company To Receive Budni Certification

Escorts Limited becomes the first and the only company in India to receive the CMVR certificate for electric tractors.

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