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Hydrogen Fuel Cells To Be Deployed In An Aircraft Near You

Fuel cells can power a zero emission electric car, like a battery. The big attraction relates to charging time.


Toyota To Supply Hydrogen Fuel Cells For The 14 Million Euro FCH2RAIL Project

Toyota has joined forces with the 14 million euro FCH2RAIL project to crowd diesel locomotives out of the sprawling

Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Hydrogen Fuel Cells Is The New Choice For Decarbonization Of Rail System

Decarbonization of the passenger rail system is the new trend that’s catching up all around the world and ‘Hydrogen

Skai: First Air Mobility Vehicle Powered By Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Massachusetts startup Alaka’i has designed a flying car that the company touts as the “first air mobility vehicle powered

Oil India

Oil India Commissions India’s First Green Hydrogen Plant

Oil India Limited (OIL), India’s second largest National Exploration & Production firm after ONGC, has made a significant contribution


H2X & ADVIK To Develop Hydrogen Products For Indian Market

H2X Worldwide Ltd, an Australian producer of cars and powered items, and ADVIK Hi-Tech Pvt. Ltd have formed a


CATL Says Both Solid-State & Hydrogen Batteries Are Still Years Away…

China’s stock markets operate under a distinct set of regulations than those in other nations. CATL, China’s biggest battery


Electric & Hydrogen Vehicles May Get $8 Billion In Incentives Under New Proposed Scheme

India has revised its proposed $8 billion scheme for the auto sector which will now focus on incentivizing companies

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