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Demand For Rechargeable Batteries Decline…

Demand for rechargeable batteries will decline for the first time this year, as sales of electric cars—the biggest user—slump with

Vanadium Flow Battery

Vanadium Flow Batteries Are Becoming A Popular Grid Storage Option

Vanadium flow batteries are “good for grid storage.”. Few industries demonstrate this more than the telecoms sector. Most telecommunications

Alsym Energy

Alsym Energy Will Introduce Non-Lithium Water-Based Batteries…

Since the first lithium-ion batteries were launched 30 years ago, their price has plummeted by 97 percent. However, they

lithium-ion Battery

Lithium Batteries That Work Even In Sub-Zero Temperatures…

When temperatures drop below freezing, cellphones require regular charging, and electric vehicles have lower ranges. This is because the

lithium batteries

Stanford Researchers Not Only Revived ‘Dead’ Lithium Batteries But Also Adds Range

Stanford University researchers may have discovered a way to resurrect rechargeable lithium batteries while increasing the range of battery


ZAF Has Scaled-Up Nickel Zinc Rechargeable Battery Manufacturing

ZAF Energy Systems Inc. (ZAF)*, a developer of next-generation battery technology, and Wirtz Manufacturing (Wirtz), a global leader in


Recycling Plants Are Catching Fire Due To Lithium Batteries

In December of 2016 a massive recycling plant in Texas caught fire and all the firefighters could do was

Manganese Dioxide-Zinc Batteries: A Indian Answer To Lithium Batteries

High voltages in Li-ion batteries have allowed it to capture the electric vehicle, mobile electronics and grid-storage markets. Li-ion

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