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Solid State Batteries Are Closer To Reality

Volkswagen and Quantumscape claimed to have solved a key problem in the development of solid state batteries. Solid state

Solid Power

Solid Power Begins Work On Prototype Solid-State Batteries For BMW & Ford

Solid Power, a Colorado-based startup, first time announced a collaboration with BMW, in 2017, to produce batteries without a


Li-Metal Secures $1.9 million (CAD) To Advance Li Solid-State Batteries

Li-Metal, a Canadian firm, is working on lithium metal anodes and lithium metal manufacturing technology. The business has a


Sakuu Is 3D Printing Solid-State Batteries!

The electrolyte in most lithium-ion batteries nowadays is a semi-liquid paste, which is comparable to the jellyrolls we consume.


Mercedes-Benz & ProLogium Are Developing Solid-state Batteries

Battery technology is at the core of electric vehicles (EVs), and as a result, several manufacturers are experimenting with


CATL Says Both Solid-State & Hydrogen Batteries Are Still Years Away…

China’s stock markets operate under a distinct set of regulations than those in other nations. CATL, China’s biggest battery


GM Is Pushing The Limits Of Lithium-ion And Solid-state Batteries

General Motors (GM) has gone all-out to push its new Ultium lithium-ion battery architecture, but at the same time

solid-state batteries

Solid-state Batteries Will Use Wood Electrolyte!

Solid-state batteries are the lithium-ion industry’s holy grail because they contain no volatile chemicals, have no dendrites, and pose

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