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Breakthrough Energy Catalyst – A New $15 Billion Fund For Clean Energy Initiatives

Green energy and clean technology initiatives in the US, the European Union, and the United Kingdom might benefit from

thermoelectric materials

Thermoelectric Materials – A 195-year-old Discovery Could Help In Green Energy Transition

The need for a clean energy transition is obvious, pressing, and unavoidable. Energy efficiency is a component of the

Ocean Grazer

Ocean Grazer Develop Novel Ocean Battery Technology

Ocean Grazer, a Dutch business, won the CES 2022 “Best of Innovation” award for their Ocean Battery technology. They


ONE’s New Battery Prototype Powers A Tesla For 1210 Kms On A Single Charge

Our Next Energy (ONE), a Michigan-based startup, tested its prototype of a new battery in a Tesla Model S

lithium batteries

Stanford Researchers Not Only Revived ‘Dead’ Lithium Batteries But Also Adds Range

Stanford University researchers may have discovered a way to resurrect rechargeable lithium batteries while increasing the range of battery

Stubble burning

Ending Stubble Burning With An Eco-Friendly Solution

Each fall, some paddy farmers in India’s northern state of Haryana set fire to the leftover stalks following the


New Smart-Roof Coating Made of Vanadium Enables Year-Round Energy Savings

Buildings, like transportation, are a major source of greenhouse gas emissions, so researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

massless battery

SOON, A “Massless” Structural Battery Will Be Available!

Swedish researchers claim to have invented a structural battery that enables “massless” storage since it forms part of the

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