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Semi Truck

Tesla Semi Truck Drives 800 Kms On A Single Charge

Tesla posted a time-lapse video of one of its all-electric Semi trucks going 500 miles (800 kilometers) on a

Electric vehicle fires are becoming more common throughout the world.

Electric Vehicle Fire Incidents Are Spreading Around The World

Electric vehicles are supposed to be a boon for green transportation, but their occasionally volatile batteries are posing problems


Aeromine- A New & Better Way to Harvest Wind Energy

Aeromine has developed a bladeless wind energy device that generates power from ambient wind currents. Joint study with Sandia

Southwest Jiaotong University China

New Tech – China Is Testing Cars That Hover Over Road

Southwest Jiaotong University in China tested modified cars capable of magnetically levitating about an inch and a half above


The “Doomsday Glacier” May Collapse Within Next Decade

A new study has discovered that Antarctica’s Florida-sized Thwaites glacier, which has been in a continuous “collapse” pattern as

CalWave - The Newest Startup Trying To Harness Wave Energy

CalWave – A New Startup That Is Trying To Harness Wave Energy

CalWave Power Technologies is the newest company attempting to gather wave energy from the ocean while avoiding costs, corrosion,


Spinlaunch Will Use Electric Device To Launch Satellites Into Space!

SpinLaunch, a startup is aiming to electrify space launches, picked Spaceport America in New Mexico as its first location.

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