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Fusion Energy

Experimental Fusion Energy Reactor Went LIVE

Fusion energy has a key advantage over conventional nuclear energy: it doesn’t create radioactive waste that’s expensive and difficult

floating wind turbine

Floating Wind Turbines – A New Technology For Green Energy

Hywind Scotland, which generates enough electricity for more than 20,000 homes, is the first floating wind turbine array that


HSBC To Expand Investment In Clean Energy

HSBC will target net zero carbon emissions across its entire customer base by 2050 at the latest, and provide

crop breeding

Just 15 Crop Plants Contribute To 90% Of Humanity’s Energy Intake

When it comes to feeding our future population, the world is in a precarious position. According to the Food

Induction Stoves – An Energy Efficient & Clean Energy Based Cooking

Induction stoves are an important technology that allow consumers to happily leave behind fossil fuels in the kitchen. They


SmarTrack Becomes Smarter With Added Functionality For Energy Harvest

Array Technologies, a market leader in single-axis solar tracking, have made its performance enhancing software SmarTrack even smarter —

Eos Energy

Eos Energy Is Offering Zinc Hybrid Cathode Battery Technology

After a new team of former GE executives has taken the helm at Eos Energy Storage. The New Jersey-based company

wave energy

TENG – A New “Artificial Jellyfish” Like Wave Energy Device

A new wave energy device  has been developed by a team of scientists from the Department of Materials Science

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