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Get Ready For Bacteria-Powered Paper Battery

All batteries don’t power electric cars or store energy from renewable sources. Some provide small amounts of power to

A Solar Water Purifier, With A Difference

Availability of potable drinking water remains a challenge in rural areas in several parts of the country. Commercially available

Plastic Bank’s Blockchain Tech Is Saving Oceans

For more than six decades, plastic waste has been threatening the the beauty that we can find beneath the

Artificial Membrane Which May Help In Cleaning Oil Spills

Fish scales have a typical structure and chemistry that makes them naturally capable of repelling oil. Scientists are trying

Eggshell-derived Nanoparticles may be used for Drug Delivery

Eggshells are among the most commonly discarded kitchen waste. Now scientists are putting eggshells to some novel use –

Public-Private Partnerships can pave way for sanitation

Aleem Walji is chief executive officer at the Aga Khan Foundation U.S.A., expresses his opinion about the advantages of

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