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New Irrefutable Data Links Drought With Climate Change

Droughts and floods are expected to grow more common and severe as our planet heats and climate changes, but


Climate Change Is Causing Extreme Weather Events

With extreme weather occurrences breaking out all around the world, many people are wondering how climate change is impacting

climate change

United States Is Paying The Price Of Climate Change With Historic Storms

Climate change is being blamed for a series of historic storms that demolished houses, toppled vehicles and disrupted power

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Creating Solar PV Plants That Can Survive In Extreme Environments

The working environment of a solar PV power plant is relatively complex, and extreme environments such as high/low temperature,

carbon dioxide

Carbon Dioxide Pollution Is Leading To Heavy Rainfall

We are drowning in carbon dioxide (CO2) pollution but stuck with political and economic systems that promote more of

solar park damage

Cost Of Solar Projects To Rise Due To Extreme Weather Events

The cost of building solar and road projects in western India is expected to rise following an increase in

extreme weather

Extreme Weather Events Could Bring The Next Economic Recession

Physical climate risk from extreme weather events remains unaccounted for in financial markets. Without better knowledge of the risk,

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