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DOE Considers Fusion Power Plant After 'Breakthrough'

DOE Considers Fusion Power Plant After ‘Breakthrough’

The Department of Energy (DOE) hailed a key fusion energy milestone, describing how scientists were able to create more

fusion ignition

Breakthrough – Fusion Scientists Claim Net Energy Gain!

California’s government-funded Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory claim to have made a significant advance in the long-delayed pursuit of viable

Zap Energy

Zap Energy Is Retrofitting Coal Plants For Fusion Energy

Zap Energy is developing a low-cost, compact, and scalable fusion energy technology capable of confining and compressing plasma without

First Light

First Light Creates Fusion Energy “Breakthrough” By Using Massive Gun

First Light, a UK-based firm, claims to have made a “breakthrough” in fusion energy by shooting a projectile at


Latest – Fusion-powered Electricity Appears A Far Fetched Dream…

There are two ways to generate electricity from nuclear power. The first is nuclear fission, which is the primary

Fusion Energy

On The Edge Of A Fusion Energy Breakthrough…

Fusion energy — to many, the holy grail of sustainable energy — is on the edge of its next


World’s Strongest Magnet Is On Its Way To Making Fusion Energy A Reality

Engineers are shipping the world’s most powerful magnet to the construction site of the world’s largest experimental fusion reactor

fusion reaction

World’s Largest Fusion Experiment Is Hunting For Fuel Mix

British engineers are preparing to test the fuel mix that could one day power the largest nuclear fusion experiment

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