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ArcVera’s Anomaly Map Show 5 to 10% Below Average Monsoon Wind Speeds

ArcVera produces Wind and Solar Resource Anomaly Maps every month to assist stakeholders in their quest for answers to

wind energy

India’s Wind Energy Generation Fell By A Whopping 43%

India’s wind energy generation capacity fell by a whopping 43% in July, taking the industry by surprise as the


Alfanar, Looking To Sell 300 MW Indian Wind Project

Saudi Arabia’s Alfanar Group is looking to sell half of its 600 megawatt (MW) wind power projects in India

wind energy

India’s 2022 Wind Energy Targets, Appear A Far Fetched Dream

India is likely to fall short of its ambitious wind energy target for 2022 by up to 10 gigawatt (GW) if

wind energy

Indian Wind Energy Segment Is Dying Due To Government Apathy

The Indian manufacturers in the wind energy industry have been a forerunner in the development of wind energy sector. Strong

Indian Wind Energy Auction Guidelines Amended To Attract Developers

The last two wind energy tenders in India have been significantly under-subscribed and the government was quick to make

Suzlon Energy: On Way To Biting The Dust

For years, Suzlon Energy had been flirting with financial turmoil and recently the company witnessed a rather unfortunate milestone

Karnataka: 50% Of Energy Demand Being Met By Renewable Energy For 3 Days

With the advent of the monsoon season, generation from wind energy projects has surged sharply, especially in the southern

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