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New Irrefutable Data Links Drought With Climate Change

Droughts and floods are expected to grow more common and severe as our planet heats and climate changes, but

climate change

Climate Change Is Happening Faster Than Predicted…

Millions of people are now directly affected by the consequences of climate change. This summer’s blistering heat waves have


Droughts Threaten The Future Of Hydropower

Drought has altered the appearance and operation of Lake Mead, the reservoir of Hoover Dam. It’s at a historically


WildFires And Megadrought Seems To Be In Store For The World

Soil in the western U.S. is drier than at any time since 1895, which means “the dice are loaded

cloud seeding

US Resorting To “Cloud Seeding” To Avoid A Megadrought

Eight US states are now using a technique called “cloud seeding” to encourage clouds to form and provide drought-stricken

Another Gift From Climate Change: “Megadrought”

As our ongoing climate change catastrophe continues to get worse, the American Southwest may soon find itself in a

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