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OECD – Plastic Pollution Can Still Be Managed…

Plastic is frequently observed piled up on beaches and drifting in the water as “plastic islands.” It clogs the


We Are Drinking 100,000 Microplastic Particles Every Year

The more specialists discover about microplastics and their effects on human beings, the worse it appears to grow. Researchers

Ganga river

Ganga River Accumulates Over A Quarter Of Global Waste In Its 2500 Kms Journey…

Religions have been born on riverbanks throughout history. Along the rivers, imperial capitals and civilizations have risen, ebbed, and


Microplastics Found In Human Blood For The First Time…

Microplastics have been identified in human blood for the first time, raising concerns that the omnipresent particles may be

Fast Fashion

Fast Fashion Must Be Regulated To Minimize Environmental Impact

The phrase “fast fashion” was created to refer to mass-market merchants’ rapid creation of affordable apparel. The method used

waste age

Waste Age Can Come To An END, If We As A Society Demand…

Waste blurs the line between nature and society. Climate change has changed the weather, and plankton thousands of metres


Microplastics Are Responsible For Bowel Diseases

Globally, scientists have raised alarms about microplastics, small particles that have been discovered in the bodies of pregnant women,


New Acid Rain – Plastics Are Raining From The Sky

“Plastic is the new acid rain.” New modeling that was recently published in the Proceedings of the National Academy

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