Microsoft has recently made a major bet on nuclear fusion energy, and OpenAI CEO Sam Altman’s name is all over it. It has signed an agreement with Helion Energy, an Altman-backed fusion power firm that aims to produce carbon-free electricity by 2023. Given that fusion has thus far eluded humanity,Continue Reading

Microsoft and Qcells Form Strategic Partnership for Clean Energy Economy

Hanwha Solutions, located in Seoul and the owner of Qcells, will work with Microsoft to develop renewable energy capacity estimated at 2.5 gigatonnes of solar panels and related services – enough to power over 400,000 homes. Furthermore, it will provide panels as well as engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) servicesContinue Reading

solar power

According to the report “Solar Means Business”- that tracks and analyzes business solar adoption, the top five corporate solar customers in America are Meta, Amazon, Apple, Walmart, and Microsoft. American businesses have installed about 19 gigawatts (GW) of on-site and off-site solar capacity through June 2022, more than double theContinue Reading

Subsea Cloud

Subsea Cloud provides data center services, but with a unique twist: the data center is located beneath the seas. Liquid cooling, like EV batteries and combustion engines, may be extremely beneficial to computers, particularly high-performance computers. This cooling is required since computers create a lot of heat when operating. BecauseContinue Reading


Microsoft has launched a new mouse that is focusing on recycling and sustainability instead of innovative scroll wheel controls or high-precision DPI. The Microsoft’s Ocean Plastic Mouse is notable because it has a shell made of 20 percent recycled ocean plastic and packaging that is 100 percent recyclable. The plasticContinue Reading


Volkswagen has announced that it is teaming up with Microsoft to “advance its self-driving vehicle technologies.” It’s Car.Software arm will collaborate with Microsoft to create a cloud-based automated driving platform. Volkswagen said that this will allow for faster integration into its future fleet. VW and Microsoft started their cooperation inContinue Reading


Microsoft recently disclosed its investment in more climate-related companies as part of efforts to make good on its year-old pledge to become “carbon negative” by 2030. One company that has received undisclosed investment from Microsoft, is Climeworks, a firm looking to scale up deployment of direct air capture technology thatContinue Reading

Just as during the Industrial Revolution it was companies that led the push for the spread of steam engines, today many corporations are taking the driver’s seat in the global energy transformation. In 2017, companies in 75 countries actively sourced 465 terawatt hours (TWh) of renewable energy, nearly equivalent toContinue Reading