Redwood Materials has been chosen by Volkswagen of America and Audi as their battery recycling partner to recover and recycle EV battery packs from their network of over a thousand dealers in the United States. Redwood will transport the removed packs to its Carson City, Nevada, plant, where more thanContinue Reading


Toyota Motors has leapt into action, driving the future of its electric vehicles (EV) with the support of its new partner, Redwood Materials, a battery recycling firm.  This business will assist the Japanese carmaker in developing a battery supply chain that gathers, recycles, refurbishes, and re-manufactures electric vehicle batteries andContinue Reading

Redwood Materials

Panasonic will begin utilizing copper from recycled lithium-ion batteries provided by Redwood Materials later this year to make new lithium-ion batteries at its Nevada facility. Copper foil, a critical component of a battery cell’s anode side, will be the first recycled item from Redwood. Typically, the anode is comprised ofContinue Reading


Today, the world’s battery manufacturing powerhouses — CATL, Panasonic, LG Energy Solution — are mostly found in Asia. Redwood Materials, wants to change that paradigm and bring more battery production to the United States. A big part of his plan involves ramping up the recovery of essential battery raw materialsContinue Reading