As the effects of climate change spread across the world, many people are taking the idea of geoengineering more seriously than ever. Geoengineering is the process of artificially changing the Earth’s climate. Some people think that spraying aerosols into the air to make the Sun less bright and make theContinue Reading


Bitcoin mining is an energy-intensive process that involves using powerful computers round the clock to solve complex mathematical problems. It is a decentralised digital currency that has no physical existence. New Bitcoins are brought into circulation as a reward for a process known as ‘mining’. The miners are rewarded withContinue Reading

Since 1992, a treaty known as the Basel Convention has regulated how nations transport hazardous materials across borders. The United Nations announced that the governments of more than 180 nations had agreed to add the plastic waste destroying our wildlife, our environment, and our health to the materials listed inContinue Reading

High streets of Dubai, Chicago, Mauritius and Johannesburg may soon showcase khadi as the next big fashion find. And its endorsement as an environment-friendly fabric may come from no less than the United Nations. In short, the humble handspun fabric is set to get a global makeover, similar to aContinue Reading

The greatest threat for the underdeveloped nations is the use of fossil fuel which leads to greenhouse gas emissions. In 2015 United Nation adopted Sustainable Development Goals which includes a specific goal on energy (SDG 7) aiming to ensure access to sustainable, modern, affordable and reliable energy for all. SDGContinue Reading