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Research Creates Hydrogen-Producing Living Droplets

By jam-packing photosynthetic algae into sugary droplets of water, scientists are building mini biological factories that churn out hydrogen (H2)


Global Game – Hydrogen Is A Big Business Now

Governments, energy giants, automobile companies and lobbying groups say hydrogen use is pivotal for cutting greenhouse gas emissions quickly

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Electric Bus With Hydrogen Range Extender In A Trailer?

Imagine a bus that is hauling a trailer packed with hydrogen. It’s quiet, it’s smooth, and it doesn’t guzzle


Fascinating -Hyperion Space Tech For The Road

Hyperion, a new Southern California clean tech startup is looking to transform transportation from the ground all the way


Hyundai Ships World’s First Hydrogen Powered XCIENT Semi Trucks

This could be big for Hyundai. That’s because the first examples of its hydrogen fuel cell semis are on

Voestalpine, The Global Steelmaker, Is Experimenting With ‘Green’ Hydrogen

Earlier this month the leading global steelmaker Voestalpine announced the startup of the largest (so far) “green” hydrogen pilot

Hydrogen Revolution Comes To California Railways

Zero emission hydrogen-powered locomotives are edging onto the tracks in Europe and Asia, and now California is getting into

Hydrogen Cars Is A Bad Idea In Its Present Form…

Hydrogen fuel cell cars is a bad idea in its present form? Why? Let me try to explain… Mass

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