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Samsung Discovers 800 Km Range EV Battery Chemistry

Samsung Electronics has announced that it has developed a solid-state battery technology that provides a range of electric vehicles


Samsung's Artificial Humans Look Really REAL…

Since mid-December, Samsung has been teasing “artificial humans” through a project called NEON, promising to reveal details at the


Meet NEON, Samsung's Artificial Human At CES 2020

Samsung is teasing plans to unveil what it calls an “artificial human” called NEON at the Consumer Electronics Show

Environment Ministry eases E-waste Collection Targets

As per the Environment Ministry rules notified late last March but effective October 2017, the life of a smartphone has

Korean Battery Makers are Aiming for Leadership in Global Market

Samsung SDI and LG Chem, Korea’s secondary battery makers, are concentrating on taking over and maintaining leadership in the

Lamp Posts as a Cost Effective Option for EV Charging

London’s lamp posts are being transformed into electric vehicle charging points, as Kensington and Chelsea Council announce a new

Toshiba EV Battery Lasts for 200 Miles and Charges in Just 6 Minutes

In 2008, the Japanese company pioneered SCiB rechargeable battery cells, and now, they claim to have developed even better

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