Future Hi-Tech Batteries Ensuring That You ‘Never Feel Powerless’

Solar panels and rechargeable batteries are making the lives of people easier wherever electricity is not in abundance. Moreover, a shift is being witnessed as people are understanding the importance of renewable energy. There is a surge in demand for rechargeable batteries and solar panels.

With an aim to revolutionize the Indian market, Future Hi-Tech Batteries is working in a similar direction by manufacturing state of the art Lithium-ion batteries. Future Hi -Tech Batteries is an Indian company whose objective is to ensure that people should ‘never feel powerless’.

It aims at giving a stiff competition to foreign manufacturers and brands by providing superior quality lithium-ion batteries backed by innovation and after sales service. Another advantage is that they are Made In India.

Future Hi-Tech has a strong domain knowledge and boasts of a strong advisory panel. It is a Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME), MIA, MICA registered company. Also, it is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 18001:2007 certified company.

The company has made strategic tie-ups with global players for manufacturing Lithium-ion batteries, for that is the future. Future Hi-Tech has previously made technical collaborations with premier institutions in the country such as IIT Kharagpur, IIT Patna, CSIR, CECRI, Punjab University, during it’s research and development phase.

It’s technically skilled team is designing and manufacturing custom battery solutions for Lithium-ion battery and allied systems.





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