NOW, An Association Between Air Pollution And Psychosis

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Our daily lives are challenged by circumstance, a lack of clean air to breathe and pure water to drink.

All of these challenges and associated chemicals which are churning in our systems through daily exposure creates hard work for the liver and lungs and affect every vital organ in the body.

How could they not affect the brain?

That incredible organ that serves the nervous system is affected as well by the hyper-stimulated nervous system. Throw some more chemicals and toxic inhalants that way and of course you are going to find the natural balance upset.

One of the most consistent findings over the past few decades has been a link between cities and psychosis. Children who are born and raised in urban versus rural settings are almost twice as likely to develop psychosis in adulthood.

Regarding this initial study, the data came from more than 2,000 participants. All were born in England and Wales in 1994 and 1995.

“Psychotic experiences were significantly more common among teens in the highest quartile of pollution exposure of nitrogen dioxide, nitrogen oxides and particulate matter (PM2.5, fine inhalable particles derived from chemical smoke) had 71%, 72% and 45% greater odds , even after the researchers accounted for factors that might also be linked to psychosis, such as cigarette smoking, cannabis dependence, and neighborhood crime levels.”

Note that for now it is an association between air pollution and psychosis — although not a clearly direct cause and effect relationship.

There simply needs to be more of this type of research. As they say, “Given that 70% of the world’s population will be urban by 2050, uncovering the mechanisms linking the urban environment to psychosis and developing preventive interventions constitute an urgent health priority.”

Reference- Clean Technica, CNN Report,

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