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99% Of World Population Breaths Dangerous Air

According to a large new research, 99 percent of the worldwide population — nearly everyone on the planet —

Using Airsheds to Reduce Air Pollution In India

Using Airsheds to Reduce Air Pollution In India

Air pollution is affected by weather, terrain, and land-use patterns, because of this various Indian state governments are exploring

Air Pollution

Majority Of Exposure To Outdoor Air Pollution Occurs Indoors

People think of air pollution as an outdoors issue. But that’s a common misconception; the vast majority of our

air pollution

$150 Billion: Soaring Air Pollution Cost For India

Air pollution from burning fossil fuels is generating economic losses of $8 billion a day, according to a Greenpeace

NOW, An Association Between Air Pollution And Psychosis

Our daily lives are challenged by circumstance, a lack of clean air to breathe and pure water to drink.

Dust Storms Are Adding To Pollution Woes In India

During May 2018, the national capital region and parts of North India were lashed by three strong dust storms

National Clean Air Program (NCAP): A 300 Cr. Country Wide Plan Launched By Center

A Rs 300-crore National Clean Air Program (NCAP) has been launched by center across the country to fight pollution.

Air Cognizer : An App That Uses Phone’s Camera For Real-Time Pollution Check

When the air quality in Delhi and other cities in the north is deteriorating with pollution level touching ‘hazardous’

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