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GPWM: Greening Planet By Managing Waste

Ravi Kapoor, Executive Director at Green Planet Waste Management Pvt. Ltd.(GPWM) explains to Clean Future how the company is leading the way in waste management space for close to a decade now…

When was the company established and what made you decide to enter the ‘Waste Management’ space?

Green Planet Waste Management Pvt Ltd was incorporated in Year 2010 and the first waste management project started in Mar 2013.

We entered into this area because of the plastic waste. The fact is that all plastics are recyclable or can be converted into other useful product at the end of life cycle. But what we realized, that there is no systematic approach to handle the complete waste.

The entire waste was neither collected properly nor was being treated in a scientific way. So we created our own first unique pilot De-centralised Zero Waste to Landfill Waste Management Model. Our model is reliable and replicable.

How would you assess the waste management market landscape in the country?

According to a survey, Global Waste Management Market size is predicted to be 530 Billion USD by 2025 and Indian market size would be around 14 Billion USD.

Please tell us more about the ‘Zero Waste Project’ at GPRA Complex in New Delhi?

We are the pioneers in de-centralised waste management for all the three major components of the msw i.e. Green Waste, Organic Waste and all kinds of Plastic Waste. We have been successfully running the plant on the principle of zero waste to landfill for last five years in the heart of delhi, GPRA Complex, New Moti Bagh, New Delhi (NDMC Area).  It is a unique model of decentralized Solid Waste Management which has been setup with the help of Ministry of Urban Development, Govt. of India and National Building Construction Corporation (NBCC).

Our mission is to provide clean environment to the humankind and reduce the wastage of natural resources. Household waste from the Complex is collected at our collection center in the complex. The waste is segregated into different categories i.e. Wet Waste, Recyclables (Paper, Glass, Metal) and MLP &Mix Plastics.

The Wet Waste is Converted into high quality Compost, The recyclable waste is recycled through our channel partners and mix plastics including the MLP is converted into Oil, Gas and Carbon through our Patented Polycrack Technology.

The horticulture waste is separately collected and converted into Fuel Pallets.

What kind of impact did latest policies from government had on your business?

Our plant started functioning in 2013 and is successfully working without any breakdown since then. It is visited and appreciated by many dignitaries and bureaucrats regularly from India and other countries.

Despite of interest shown by many organisations and Municipal Corporations no second project was matured. Now with the introduction of new policies and rules like Swach Bharat Abhiyan, SWM Rules 2016,  PWM Rules 2016 and poor performance of centralized systems and Wte plants, a new thrust has been induced to decentralized Waste Management Plants.

We are getting many enquiries and people have seriously started working on it. Even the housing societies and bulk waste generators have started taking initiative.

Is the company investing in R & D, if yes, please share the details.

As of now we are not investing in R&D, we are sure looking for the investors who could support for that. Although we already have developed the indigenous Pollution free and Eco-friendly POLYCRACK Technology to convert any kind of plastic into Oil, Gas and Carbon through our channel partners.

We can use mixed, dirty or multilayered Plastic (MLP) without any constraint of moisture at just 450˚C.

What factors are driving your growth and what kind of growth are you expecting in current fiscal year as compared to last year?

Right Government policies and Public awareness is at the root of it. In the last few years public awareness has increased multifold due to several factors like global focus, government policies and some unfortunate accidents also.

The growth was stagnant till now but we foresee a multifold growth from current year.

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