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Bangalore-based automotive startup Meladath Auto Components has in its portfolio, among other inventions, an electric conversion kit for petrol scooters.

The e-kit (patent filed) which is currently in advanced stage of prototype testing consists of a front wheel mounted BLDC (Brushless) motor with hollow shaft.

The only point where the petrol engine and electric motor sub-systems meet is the throttle control.

The company says that the retrofitting of its e-kit does not require any modification of the IC engine.

According to MAC, the e-kit will offer a pure electric range of 30 km after which the customers can continue to use their scooters in petrol mode.

Meladath Auto Components is planning to get ARAI approval for its e-kit by October 2019. The specifications of the electric motor are still under wraps but the system includes a lithium battery pack which goes into the under-seat storage area.

Commercial launch of MAC e-kit is expected soon after the company receives ARAI certification.

While the price is not revealed yet, the award-winning e-mobility startup claims that the customer will receive return on investment in under 400 days.

The retrofit kit is said to reduce the fossil fuel consumption by 82%.

MAC e-kit is scheduled to be introduced in November 2019. The company says that the system will cost quarter of what a new electric scooter would cost.

Reference- Meladath Auto Components website, RushLane

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