Wärtsilä – Making Intelligent Zero Emission Ferries

Wärtsilä work in battery-powered vessels was acknowledged recently with a contract to design and equip two new zero-emissions ferries for Norwegian operator Boreal Sjö at Holland Shipyards in the Netherlands, thanks to orders placed in April.

Their ship design is a custom design, “tailored to the operating and route profiles of the two double-ended shuttle ferries.”

The ships are supposed to go into operation in autumn of next year, 2021. “In addition to the design, for each ferry Wärtsilä will supply the thruster motors, batteries, onboard and shore-based battery charging equipment, the back-up generators, and various electrical systems.”

Wärtsilä says that these ferries are the early culmination of years worth of R&D for low-carbon marine shipping.

One of the ferries will be 30 meters long and capable of carrying 10 cars and approximately 100 passengers. The other ferry will be 50 meters long and able to carry 35 cars and 149 passengers, including crew. Let’s hope they are 35 all-electric cars.

This is an Agency Feed; edited by Clean-Future Team