Fly Solartech Launches Cylindrical Solar Panel For Street Lights With 20-year Guarantee

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Fly Solartech

Italian start-up Fly Solartech Solutions Srl has developed a lightweight cylindrical solar panel that can be integrated onto PV-powered street lighting lamp posts of different sizes. 

Fly Solartech

The Fly Solartech module is encapsulated in thermoformable plastic technical polymers and relies on a white backsheet. It is available in three versions with a power output of 100, 120, and 240 W.

The most powerful device measures 180 x345 x3.10mm and weighs in at 5 kg. It is built with 84 half-cut monocrystalline cells with an efficiency of 23.4% and has an open-circuit voltage of 12.78 V for each string.

The overall efficiency of the 240 W panel is 17.3% and its temperature coefficient is -0.32%.

The Fly Solartech product is divided into two halves which are assembled together to embrace the post. Each half is composed of two strings of cells that are not interconnected with each other but each with its own junction box.

This configuration allows deploying more cylindrical modules around the same post and connecting them in series and maximizing their output through multi-channel maximum power point tracking (MPPT).

The thermoformable technical polymers allow shaping the product in its cylindrical shape without incurring internal micro-cracking and maintaining the range of curvature that the cells themselves are is able to absorb.

Each cylinder is incorporated in two aluminum fixing collars placed on the external ends of the panel and two lateral guides that allow the perfect closure of the two halves.

Its cylindrical nature allows it to withstand strong winds as well as its vertical application allows limiting to a minimum the deposits of dirt and sand as well as snow accumulation.

The product can also be made with an anti-glare protective coating to allow its application on roads and highways where the use of an anti-reflection product is necessary. The is also easily applicable as a retrofit solution, as it is possible to install the junction box between panel and pole by means of special brackets

The Fly Solartech product comes with a 10-year product warranty and 20-year performance guarantee.

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