Pure EV Is Yet To Determine The Root Cause Of Recent Fires In ePluto Scooter

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Pure EV Fires

After two instances of fire in ePluto scooters went viral on social media last week, electric vehicle (EV) company Pure EV has stated that it follows a rigorous set of standards on the manufacturing, storage, and application of lithium ion batteries in EVs.

Pure EV stated in a four-page internal communication letter addressed to dealers and stakeholders that it has recalled one of the two damaged scooters to the manufacturer and is researching the occurrence to learn more about the internal root reasons of the thermal runaway event in the specific battery.
Pure EV

“We welcome it if the government or the relevant regulatory body issues detailed guidelines to the EV OEMs on the manufacturing, testing, and validation methods, transportation, storage, and usage of the Lithium batteries, and safety manuals and checklists to the dealers and end users, as well as the frequent service/health check-up/maintenance protocols of the batteries while they are in use.”

Furthermore, Pure EV stated that “this event pushes the company to enhance their safety records and commit to work extremely hard to make lithium batteries accessible and inexpensive for the average man and democratize EV technology.”

Lithium batteries catch fire mostly when they are incorrectly produced or damaged, or when the software that runs the battery is not developed appropriately, making it extremely difficult to determine the specific root cause of the fire.

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