Norway’s Total Emissions Are Down By 3.5% Thanks To Electric Transition

Norway is highly devoted to the EV revolution. Of all the nations in the world, Norway’sit boasts the most complete system of electric vehicle incentives. It covers huge measures like no purchase taxes on new electric automobiles to tiny ones like reduced charges on bridges, tunnels, and roads.

Those regulations were put in place to assist Norway cut its overall greenhouse gas emissions in compliance with the Paris climate agreements.

According to the newest research from Statistics Norway, the EV measures are working. In 2020, overall emissions for the nation were 49.3 million tons — a decline of 3.5% from the preceding year.

Now, let’s be honest, 2020 was an extraordinary year because of the epidemic and all the changes in society it produced. Emissions globally fell due of employment and travel limitations. Nonetheless, EVs further helped to lower pollution.


Elbil, the Norwegian electric vehicle organization, believes the higher number of electric cars on Norwegian roads was a key part in that drop. In reality, emissions from autos reduced by 4% in 2020 compared to 2019.

Statistics Norway estimates the transport sector contributes for 30% of greenhouse gas emissions, with little over half — 17% — coming from road traffic. It attributed the drop partially to fewer kilometers travelled and partly to the fact that there are much more electric vehicles on the road.

Norway is leading the way for other nations by having the world’s most ambitious phasing-in objective for passenger vehicles and vans without emissions and has so far met with significant success in decreasing emissions.

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