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Seed banks are humanity's "insurance policy" against climate change.

Seed banks Are Humanity’s “Insurance Policy” Against Climate Change

Tens of thousands of seeds are kept at a constant temperature of minus-4 degrees Fahrenheit in a vast freezer


Using Pure Hydrogen As Fuel In A Natural Gas Turbine

Researchers at Norway’s University of Stavanger have reported the development of a system for using pure hydrogen as fuel


Methane Is Killing Us. Does Anyone Care?

According to the latest International Energy Agency (IEA) research titled “Global Methane Tracker 2022,”the real global methane emissions are


Norway’s Total Emissions Are Down By 3.5% Thanks To Electric Transition

Norway is highly devoted to the EV revolution. Of all the nations in the world, Norway’sit boasts the most

wind turbine in black

Black Paint On Turbine Blades Can Reduce Bird Deaths By 70%

Wind power continues to be a viable source of renewable clean electricity production. Eventually, it could meet 35% of

northvolt-hydro JV

Northvolt-Hydro JV To Recycle EV Batteries

Swedish lithium-ion battery manufacturer Northvolt and Norwegian aluminum producer Hydro have formed a new partnership (JV) to recycle Electric


ZE85 – The “Fossil-Free” Construction Machinery

Oslo, Norway has enacted laws that say all new, public buildings must be built with “fossil-free” construction machinery. The

C-CHANGE By Investing In Renewables, Where It Matters…

A new study from the Center for Climate, Health and the Global Environment — aka C-CHANGE — shows that

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