Norway’s first battery-powered aircraft crash-landed on a lake on Wednesday, in a setback for the country’s aviation strategy, although the pilot and passenger both escaped unhurt. The plane’s owner, airport operator Avinor, hoped to see commercial passenger flights on electric planes by 2025. The two-seater plane was piloted by AvinorContinue Reading

India should learn from other countries on how to find financial resources and manage ‘solid waste’ which is a big problem in almost all the municipalities of the country. For example eleven municipalities in the Stavanger region of Norway pooled their resources and floated a company called ‘Ivar’ that convertsContinue Reading

The ‘Yara Birkeland’ which has been commissioned by the Norwegian fertilizer manufacturer Yara International, will be the world’s first autonomous electric container ship, and will no doubt change freight transport at sea. According to Yara International, the electric ship should be able to replace a total of 40,000 truck journeysContinue Reading

Norway-based energy company, Statkraft has signed a deal with HCL Technologies for a five-and-a-half-year period in which HCL will provide end-to-end integrated infrastructure services, including data centre, service desk, workplace, network and security services, application operations and cross functional services. Statkraft is Norway’s largest generator of renewable energy and theContinue Reading