Scientist – Geoengineering Should Be Made Illegal

As the effects of climate change spread across the world, many people are taking the idea of geoengineering more seriously than ever. Geoengineering is the process of artificially changing the Earth’s climate.


Some people think that spraying aerosols into the air to make the Sun less bright and make the Earth cooler, which is called solar geoengineering, is a good way to deal with the climate crisis.

There are also a lot of people who don’t think it’s a good idea. They want governments to stop using solar geoengineering. That’s why more than 60 scientists and policy experts have signed an open letter asking them not to. They say that the practice could have a lot of unintended consequences for a lot of people around the world.

This group of scientists wants governments and the United Nations to take control of the development of solar geoengineering technologies as soon as possible.

The letter lists a number of things that could happen if solar blocking techniques were used. In some places, artificial cooling is likely to have a bigger impact than in other places, so the effects will be different.

Some people aren’t sure how the changes will affect local weather, farming, and the basic needs of food and water. If solar engineering were to happen, the global poor would be at the most risk. They are very vulnerable to changes in their environment.

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