Tvasta Manufacturing Solutions

Tvasta Took Just 21 Days To Build India’s First 3D-Printed House!

Tvasta Manufacturing Solutions, a start-up started by graduates of IIT-Madras receives the honor of construing India’s first 3D printed house. This process addresses the drawbacks of traditional building as they are quicker to create and outperform conventionally built ones in a variety of ways. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman opened the residence through video-conference.


The process of producing a 3D-printed house is not only unique, but also far faster than traditional construction. It is constructed with an emphasis on shortening building time, eliminating waste, and optimizing output.

To begin, the construction of this Indian home was printed using a specific concrete mix capable of producing large-scale 3D buildings. The concrete mix is composed mostly of ordinary cement, which has a lower water-cement ratio than Portland cement. While concrete is a common building material, the energy required to mix and transport it is far more than in 3D printing.

Tvasta Manufacturing Solutions has created their own material mix, which consists of cement, sand, geopolymers, and fibres. The final mix was made by combining the basic components in a big hopper. The construction was created hollow during the 3D printing process to accommodate wiring and plumbing without destroying the wall.

These 3D-printed buildings are not only cost effective, but also environmentally sustainable, since they save the need to carry concrete across large distances.

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