Motiv Power Systems

Motiv’s Next Generation EV Truck Exceeds 150-Mile Range!

Motiv Power Systems, the leading inventor of EV vans, trucks, and shuttle buses that power the backbone of urban business, has released fresh field test findings on its next-generation technology, which redefines range and payload limitations for commercial fleet vehicles used on a daily basis.


It has teamed with Our Next Energy (ONE), a Michigan-based developer of breakthrough energy storage technology, for battery technology for Motiv’s 6th generation all-electric cars, which are now under testing and will be released in early 2023.

Motiv’s step vans, trucks, and buses will soon be equipped with ONE’s AriesTM LFP battery system, which can be deployed with a full vehicle payload on routes of more than 150 miles (240 kilometres) per charge – a range that outperforms currently available medium-duty EV technology.

A medium-duty electric vehicle bearing 6,000 pounds of cargo easily traversed the 150 kilometres in a field test. This increased range effectively doubles the number of addressable routes a fleet can complete, allowing them to deliver more goods, services, and people to their clients.

The new ONE battery technology is a step forward for the commercial market, allowing Motiv to supply 156 kWh with two battery packs instead of three packs for 127 kWh. Customers will benefit from ONE’s safe and sustainable LFP cathode chemistry as well. This battery chemistry is more stable thermally and chemically, and has a much longer lifespan.

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