AVINYA Concept

Tata Launches AVINYA Concept- The Next Gen Electric Cars

Tata Passenger Electric Mobility (TPEM) today made a grand entrance into the next generation of electric cars with the global unveiling of the AVINYA Concept – an embodiment of the Company’s vision of a pure electric vehicle based on its GEN 3 design.

The word AVINYA is derived from the Sanskrit language and stands for ‘Innovation.’


The AVINYA Concept provides a new mobility typology that liberates vast roominess and comfort without being constrained by traditional division. It is outfitted with cutting-edge technology, software, and Artificial Intelligence that works in the background to provide wellbeing and peacefulness while in route. 

This approach, which provides an incredibly premium experience, will be reasonably accessible to the majority of customers in today’s rapidly developing, high volume categories.

With this, TPEM intends to unleash a new generation of EVs that will reshape the motor industry. This ground-breaking EV will be available in the market by 2025.

The basic concept behind the “AVINYA Concept” is to provide a transportation solution unlike any other – cutting-edge software on wheels that is well-designed, sustainable, and decreases the planet’s carbon impact.

Green Mobility is at the heart of TPEM, and the AVINYA Concept is a great embodiment of what the firm stands for – a product that will not only accelerate but also lead the adoption of EVs.

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