H2 Green Steel

H2 Green Steel Books 1.5 Million Tons Of Pre-Orders Seems Already Profitable…

Sweden appears to be home to a lot of firms that are passionate about reducing carbon emissions. H2 Green Steel, based in Stockholm, is one of them. It is constructing new plants that utilize green hydrogen instead of traditional blast furnaces to produce steel with 90 percent reduced carbon emissions.

H2 Green Steel

H2 Green Steel is on a mission to make the largest technical transition in the global steel industry’s history, therefore eliminating practically all CO2 emissions from the steel production process.

Producing green steel in a fully integrated, digitalized and automated greenfield steel plant

H2 Green Steel informed the media that despite the fact that its first facility is still three years away from completion, it has already received orders for 1.5 million tonnes of low carbon steel each year. When manufacturing begins in 2025, the yearly capacity will be 2.5 million tons.

Currently, the phrase “green steel” can refer to a variety of items. For  H2 Green Steel, it means steel manufactured from a large percentage of green virgin iron and scrap in a production method that employs electricity from renewable energy sources and has total CO2 emissions that are more than 90% lower than traditional steelmaking in a blast furnace process.

Recycling scrap is part of the solution, but it will not be enough to supply global steel demand.

Steel service centers, pipe and tube, passenger cars and heavy commercial vehicles, as well as white goods and construction materials, have been identified as front-runners in pushing this transition.

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